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Paragliding Hike and Fly near São Paulo - Pico dos Marins guided trip.

Guided paragliding tour at Pico dos Marins

This tour is for experienced paraglider pilots (It is not for tandem fligths)


2 days
Package includes transport from Sao Paulo, lodging, breakfast, guides are pioneers in H & F in Brazil

1 person USD $ 420
2 or 3 people USD $ 390
The tour is conducted by HUT AVENTURA (www.hutaventura.com.br)

Pico dos marins (2.420)
Altitude: 820m
Launch wind: SE, SW, W, NW, N
Hiking: 3h Std
Pico dos Marins: 2.420m (
Real Estate: Sao Paulo

The adventure

From São Paulo, we will go to the base camp of Pico dos Marins (3h by car) and spend a night in a mountain shelter or in the camp.
The next day, we will walk to the peak of the marins (3h walks) and take off to one of the most beautiful and unique paragliding flights in Brazil.
After landing, our rescue team will pick you up. We will have dinner and travel back to São Paulo.

The mountain

Pico dos Marins (2,420) is a broad, rounded rocky peak located between the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Relatively close to the city of São Paulo (3.5 hours by car), it has a clear view towards Vale do Paraíba. It is a classic mountain destination in Brazil and its ascending trail is classified as truly beautiful in the Serra da Mantiqueira.

The takeoff

The ridge is wide and flat. There is enough space to open one or two wings side by side directly on narocha or in small arbusts. The takeoff should be sure and solid to fly safely over the scary cliff after the rock slab.

The flight

The flight potential is enormous, we can go to (1) south and fly over the Paraíba Valley on a flight with almost 1,900m of difference between takeoff and landing or (2) we can fly over the crest of the Serra da Mantiqueira from Pico to Marins Up to Pico do Itaguaré, a sharp and beaty rock formation 7 km near Pico dos Marins or (3) we can go north and fly near the massive stone walls of the north face.

The landing areas

There are several landing areas around the Marino Peak. Green grassland and fields are wide and safe for landing. Locals are kind and onlookers about paragliding can offer you water while you wait for our rescue team. We will pick you up wherever you landed.

The transport

You will travel in a full 4x4 Pajero SUV with other 2 to 4 riders or crew members. The transfer from the base camp of São Paulo to Pico dos Marins, rescue and return to São Paulo is included in the price.

The shelter

On the road and near the mountain

We will sleep in a mountain shelter at the base camp of the Marino Peak. The Shelter has bunk beds and camp area, bathroons, hot shower and a simple restaurant. We can choose between camping or bunk beds in collective rooms. We provide all things (tends, sleepingbags, etc)
The price is included in the packet.

In São Paulo

We offer an incredible room in our home with exclusive bathroom and shower. It is located in the heart of the city, 4min walk from the metro, 15m walk from Avenida Paulista, 15m. From the eastern quarter and 20min. A few steps from the Cathedral Square and the historical center.
The night in our room in Sao Paulo is included!


- Full transportation service: we'll pick you up at your place in Sao Paulo and deliver at the same point, in one part :)
- Accommodation: mountain shelter or camping near the mountain. We provide the tends and equipment of camping
- Breakfast: Simple and healthy

Not included

- Meals
- Beer
- Personal insurance (We can help you in this)
- Glider or fly equipament (bring your own or we help you to rent)
- Snacks

Please contact: montoya@hutaventura.com.br

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